Zarveti started out as a small project between family members but as soon as we realized the impact we have on people and their homes, not to mention the smile put on their faces we realized this is what we want to do. We realized what draws our customers to us is that we are exactly like them, we all want to feel warm and cozy in our homes while spreading joy and love to those who visit it. As we took our passion online we realized we can reach that many more people and bring that reaction and feeling to that many more people. We pride ourselves on filling in the gaps that large companies and industries have while still bringing low prices, great customer service and trending products to the table. Shop for your family from our family. 

We work hard to consistently provide you top of the line products, researching and securing top suppliers for every season. Nothing makes us happier then sharing the resources we have gained from over 10 years in business. We want to share our passion for family and friends with you every project you have no matter the size, goal, or inspiration. 

Never hesitate to contact us, whether it's a question about our policy, a question about a product or if you simply want to chat! Our phone (800) 321-6781 and emails are always open. Feel free to mail us at Zarveti Inc,
460 East Fordham Rd #2030 Bronx, NY 10458. 


The Brian Family